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  • Evelyn Nakazi

COVID Travel Restrictions in East Africa (Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya)

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the world, governments have swiftly moved to impose travel restrictions in an effort to reduce the impact of the pandemic by restricting international mobility. These restrictions have mainly applied to international travel, however, several countries have also implemented strict bans on internal movement. In addition to travel restrictions, border management measures such as border closures have been introduced, while screening of travelers at airports and border crossings has been enhanced.

The travel restrictions within some East African countries include;


  1. A negative PCR test is required within 120 hours of arrival

  2. Another negative PCR test is required within 120 hours of departure



  1. A negative PCR test is required within 72 hours of arrival (boarding first flight from the country of origin).

  2. Another test is required upon arrival $60 (12-24hr turnaround)

  3. There is a mandatory hotel quarantine for 24 hrs until the negative test received

  4. Travelers must complete a passenger locator form within 120 hrs of departure. Negative test needed to complete the form.

  5. A negative test is required within 72 hrs of each park entry and a test within 72 hours of each chimp/gorilla trek to protect the health of the primates

  6. Volcanoes National Park Indemnity form due one week prior to trek dates listed (do not list signature date)

  7. Another test is required 120 hrs of departing (unless stay was within 120 hrs)

  8. For short stays, the test taken upon arrival will suffice for departure



  1. A negative PCR test is required within 96 hours of arrival.

  2. Travelers must complete 2 forms within 96hrs before arrival.

  3. Obtain 2 QR codes (1 from each form/website linked below)

  4. Travelers Health Surveillance Form

  5. Trusted Travel Site Testing Form

  6. Proof of negative PCR is required within 96 hours of exit/transfer.

  7. Complete both forms/obtain 2 QR codes (same sites as arrival) for exit.


  1. Negative test results and certificates are not required for any travelers, but you must adhere to airline requirements

  2. Arrival Declaration Form(filling out in advance is optional – provided on plane)

  3. Health Surveillence form(filling out in advance is optional – provided on plane)

  4. A negative test result within 14 days is required to enter Mahale National Park in order to protect the primates

  5. Exit requirements are dependent upon the airline/next destination

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