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  • Evelyn Nakazi

Abseiling at Sipi Falls Eastern Uganda

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

For a short stay in Uganda, visiting for a workshop, meeting or just adventure? Sipi falls is the place for you to relax your body and mind, this will take you between 4-5 hours drive from Kampala to Kapchwora which is the Home of the Sipi falls. we have 3 falls one being 100 meters, 86 meters and 68 meters. The weather is good though it tends to be very cold during the night.

abseiling sipi

There are many activities but one to give an adrenaline rush is abseiling, when getting ready of-course your nerves will take the best of but as you keep going down besides the 100 meter fall its breathtaking and amazing, the thunderous fall of falls, the water splashing over your body, this is when you realize its fun and you let go and enjoy the experience its indeed an experience.

Hiking to the top and bottom of the falls is also very amazing, crossing streams, small local made bridges guided by local guides its a real memorable experience. what crowns the hiking is the Sipi heavy cold shower, absolutely amazing as its the last stop we made on the day. cooling off our sweat and also relaxing our muscles with the heavy cold shower, with the feel of roaring water fall…we were amazed on how we concluded this is day with a sunset, on top of the hill we are able to see all the surrounding villages, we could view falls at a distance, we were finally served tea/coffee “depending on preference( coffee is from the farm to the Cup as it one of the major activity in the area) by our Guide Isaac … with corn ( normally called maize).

Our last day in Sipi, we visited coffee farms where we were taken through the process of preparing the ground /making coffee seedlings/ how to plant/ harvesting the berries/ drying the berries/ roasting of berries and finally to our cups. All this we did in 2 nights 3 days. but it was an amazing experience.

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